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Will Genshin Impact be on Xbox One?

Will Genshin Impact be on Xbox One? This colorful JRPG is currently taking PC, PS4, and mobile platforms by storm. That leaves Xbox owners with just one question: “Is Genshin Impact on Xbox One?” Although it isn’t right now, will Genshin Impact come to Xbox One in the future? Keep scrolling for all the latest information on a Genshin Impact Xbox version.

Is there a Genshin Impact Xbox One release date?

Will Genshin Impact be on Xbox One?

As Genshin Impact explodes in popularity, unfortunately, all that Xbox fans can do for now is observe from a distance. The JRPG is drawing comparisons to Zelda and can be downloaded for free, explaining its mass appeal. Many are already playing on PC, PS4, iOS, and Android, plus there’s even a Nintendo Switch version on the way. Will Xbox gamers be so lucky, though?

The developers “do not currently have plans” to release a Genshin Impact Xbox One port. Unfortunately, there’s no Genshin Impact Xbox launch date to look forward to as a result. In a recent interview with Game Rant, miHoYo stated: “We do not currently have plans to release the game on Xbox.”

In the same interview, the devs said that they do have “plans regarding next-gen consoles” which presumably means PS5. The above comment regarding Xbox is pretty definitive, so don’t expect to see a Genshin Impact Xbox Series X release anytime soon. Additionally, the same can be said for a Genshin Impact Xbox Series S version.

It isn’t clear whether some sort of Genshin Impact PlayStation exclusivity deal could be behind the lack of an Xbox port, as industry analyst Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) has shown that Sony is heavily backing the game in China. On the other hand, the JRPG genre typically isn’t as popular on the Xbox platform, meaning it could just be a savvy business decision on the part of miHoYo.

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