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Hades Call Ability | How to fill god meter

Hades‘ Call ability is one of the most powerful moves in the game, capable of decimating groups of enemies and dealing big damage to even the toughest of bosses. Once the god meter is filled, players can unleash destruction upon the underworld enemies. Here’s the need-to-know info on the Hades Call Boon.

How to get the Call ability in Hades

Hades Call Ability

As with many of the game’s mechanics, the Hades Call ability is locked behind a certain number of escape attempts. This steady flow of unlocks works to gradually introduce the player to new features, rather than risk overwhelming them.

To unlock the Call ability in Hades players must keep trying to escape until a god meets Zagreus on the first level. They will give Zag a “great gift,” which is the Call Boon.

Once players have completed the first run using the Call ability, they will need to find it again in randomized Boon drops. It’s not a permanent unlock, so players will need to get lucky.

How to fill the god meter in Hades

Hades Call Ability

When the Call ability is first unlocked, the god meter will be half-filled with yellow. This means the Call has two charges. Players will then be able to use it twice at its base power.

To recharge the god meter, players need to kill enemies. As enemies are killed, the meter will increase.

It’s also possible to find buffs that automatically fill the meter over time. This can be useful for boss fights where players are dodging and waiting to dish out that final blow.

If players wait until the Call meter has four charges, Zag is able to spend them all at once for one big attack or defensive effect.

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