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How to fix Genshin Impact UID Does Not Exist error

Genshin Impact is the latest free-to-play game from developer miHoYo, and it’s soaring in popularity. Aside from offering a vast open world, the game also allows players to link up with several of their friends. There’s a catch, though: If you search for friends too soon, you’ll encounter the UID does not exist error. Here’s what this error means and what you need to do to unlock multiplayer.

Genshin Impact UID Does Not Exist | How to fix

Genshin Impact UID Does Not Exist - How to fix

The UID does not exist error in Genshin Impact appears when you search for friends that haven’t unlocked multiplayer, or if you type in their ID number incorrectly. You and your friends must reach Adventure Rank 16 before multiplayer becomes available. Otherwise, you’ll see a message saying their UID does not exist.

Genshin Impact uses a unique system to manage friends and multiplayer. UID stands for User ID, or a unique string of numbers assigned to each player. These are created when you create your account, and they never change.

The UID does not exist error is therefore slightly misleading. Assuming you typed in it accurately — double check just to make sure — then the UID does indeed exist. It’s just that it can’t be used for multiplayer just yet.

How to unlock multiplayer and play with friends

Fortunately, the fix for this error is simple. To unlock multiplayer in Genshin Impact, you need to reach Adventure Rank 16. This can be accomplished simply by completing solo quests, though it will take several hours.

Remember that your Adventure Rank is not the same as your character’s level. The character’s level will increase through play, but only for that specific character. Adventure Rank, on the other hand, is tied into your game account. It will remain the same for any character you play with.

Once you reach Rank 16, you’ll be free to invite friends to your game or accept invites from others. Of course, those friends will also have to be at least Adventure Rank 16, or you’ll get hit with the UID does not exist error again. Assuming everyone’s up to the minimum level, you’ll be able to enjoy Genshin Impact with up to three other players.