When is the Noblesse Episode 1 release date?

When is the Noblesse episode 1 release date? A new season means a new batch of anime to watch, and, hopefully, enjoy. Crunchyroll is rolling out its red carpet for a new selection of Originals, including this one. The Noblesse episode 1 release date has been revealed in the U.S. and in the U.K. So too has the Noblesse episode 1 premiere time in both regions. It’s all kicking off soon.

What is the Noblesse episode 1 release date?

Noblesse episode 1 release date

Episode 1 of Noblesse is premiering on Crunchyroll soon, with a release date and time having been revealed for the U.S. and the U.K. The new anime is the latest in the expanding lineup of Crunchyroll Original programs. Following the ending of its The God of High School anime, it’s good timing by Crunchyroll to release more original content now.

The Noblesse episode release date is Wednesday, October 7, 2020. Episode 1 of Noblesse premiere times around the world are as follows:

  • 6 AM PDT, October 7
  • 9 AM EDT, October 7
  • 1 PM UTC, October 7
  • 2 PM BST, October 7
  • 3 PM CEST, October 7
  • 11 PM AEST, October 7

Head to Crunchyroll at the date and times listed above to watch episode 1 of Noblesse in its simulcast subbed format as soon as it premieres (Premium subscribers). If it isn’t there right away, refresh the page. If, meanwhile, episode 1 doesn’t show up all day on October 7, check out relevant social media channels in case of any last-minute delay or schedule change. Episode 1 should be free to watch on Crunchyroll from October 14, 2020.

When is the Noblesse episode 1 English dub release time?

Noblesse episode 1 release date

As of writing, there is no official confirmation of an English dub release of Noblesse. For now, it can only be watched in its subbed format. As it has with its other Originals, however, expect an announcement of an English dub of Noblesse sooner rather than later. In other anime news, Re:Zero is now in a mid-season break. Fire Force, though, is still going strong.