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FIFA Points Missing in FIFA 21 | Why can’t I see my FIFA points?

The release of FIFA 21 is off to a shaky start. High demand brought down EA Play on Xbox, but even though the servers have been restored, the game is still having issues. Players can now access the game but are finding that they can’t see their FIFA points. Some have also reported that they are unable to purchase FIFA points in-game.

Why are my FIFA points not showing up in FIFA 21?

Unfortunately, the issue with FIFA points not appearing in FIFA 21 seems to be related to the same issues we saw yesterday. Fans are hamming EA’s servers, which means that there are likely issues with slowdown. Additionally, EA may have placed the FIFA servers into some sort of read-only mode, so the databases aren’t overwhelmed with requests.

The EA Help twitter stated the following about the situation:

“Not seeing your FIFA Points? Our advisors aren’t able to grant them right now, but we’re working on a fix that will get you your Points soon. We’ll post updates as we have them.”

The EA support twitter has been slammed with customers complaining of missing FIFA points and other issues they’re having with the game. Some are being told that they can’t access the companion app, or that they can’t access online features without an EA account. All of these seem to be glitches caused by the stress eager players are placing on the servers.

So, if a player is missing FIFA points in FIFA 21, the only fix is patience. They’ll likely be there by the end of the day, at the very least. If not, users might want to contact EA Support, either by Twitter or via the official website. For now, it’s just best to stay patient, no matter how frustrating it can be. Eventually, EA will iron these issues out, just as they have for past FIFA releases.