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Genshin Impact Recruit’s Insignia Location and Use

To make characters more powerful in Genshin Impact, players need to use Ascension Materials to bypass the lock on their level. One of these materials is the Recruit’s Insignia, which is used to ascend Diluc (who can take a long time to pull). Unfortunately, these rare items aren’t easy to find, but there’s a sure-fire way to get at least a few every day. Once a player figures out which enemy drops Recruit’s Insignias they just have to hunt them down and eliminate them to farm the valuable item.

Where to find Recruit’s Insignias in Genshin Impact

There’s one type of enemy that consistently drops Recruit’s Insignias in Genshin Impact: Skirmishers. Fortunately, these foes are pretty easy to find. Players can use the Adventurer Guide to pinpoint their location on the map. This will allow users to make a beeline right for them and farm Recruit’s Insignias at their leisure.

Unfortunately, Skirmishers will only respawn a few times per day, which makes farming them for an extended amount of time impossible. Skirmishers will be a few levels stronger when they respawn after each kill. So, players will need to make sure they’re prepared for progressively more challenging fights.

Genshin Impact Recruit's Insignia Diluc

What do are Recruit’s Insignias used for in Genshin Impact?

Each character in Genshin Impact is initially restricted to level 20. To bypass this restriction and make their party stronger, players need to Ascend the character and increase their level restriction. To Ascend, a user will need to gather Ascension Materials and pay 20,000 Mona.

The Recruit’s Insignia is a Common Ascension Material that’s required for Diluc to ascend. It has a one-star rarity, and its in-game description is:

“An insignia to identify the recruits. Makes one wonder about what the ones joining the Fatui’s war machine were thinking.”

Players can also use Recruit’s Insignias to craft Sergeant’s Insignias, which are needed for Diluc’s further Ascension levels.