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How to heal in Genshin Impact

If you’re new to Genshin Impact, you may be wondering how to heal your characters. After all, much of the game is based around combat, and damage tends to go both ways. Luckily for you, we know how to heal in Genshin Impact, though which way is best will be determined by how you like to play.

How to heal characters in Genshin Impact

How to heal characters in Genshin Impact

There are three ways to heal characters in Genshin Impact. You can either restore health through skills, interact with a Statue of the Seven, or heal by eating food.

Of the three choices, eating food is the simplest option. This is available for all characters, and it doesn’t involve tracking down a Statue of the Seven. Otherwise, you can also choose swap to specific characters that offer abilities that can restore health.

Restore health by eating food

The easiest way to heal your characters is by eating food. The world of Genshin Impact is full of different crafting components that can be used to cook various recipes. You can find these items simply sitting out in the wild, or you may receive them after slaying monsters.

Once you’ve got a few cooking ingredients, you can take them to either a stove or a campfire. From there, you’ll be able to cook recipes like Black-Back Perch Stew, Chicken-Mushroom Skewers, or Squirrel Fish. These and several others will restore your health. Certain recipes, such as Tea Break Pancakes or Tevat Fried Eggs, can also revive your incapacitated characters before healing them.

Use a healing ability

Genshin Impact healing skills abilities - all characters

Certain characters in Genshin Impact can use healing skills to restore their own health or the health of nearby party members and allies. Of all the characters, Barbara is the main healer, since she has several different abilities that either restore or generate HP.

Here’s a look at each Genshin Impact character with healing abilities.

  • Barbara has the Let the Show Begin elemental skill, which deploys a Melody Loop to restore health to party members and nearby allies after landing normal attacks. This effect scales with Barbara’s maximum HP
    • Barbara also has the Shining Miracle combat talent, which will heal all characters for a significant amount of HP. This effect is similarly scaled by Barbara’s maximum HP
  • Qiqi has the Herald of Frost elemental skill, which regenerates health for herself as well as nearby allies after landing normal or charged attacks
    • She also has the Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune elemental burst, which will generate health for the character that dealt damage
    • Qiqi can acquire the Rite of Resurrection level six constellation, which revives all nearby fallen allies and regenerates half of their HP. Note that this can only happen once every 15 minutes
  • Bennett has the Fantastic Voyage elemental burst, with an Inspiration Field that regenerates the health of characters who fall below 70 percent HP. Above that threshold, the character will receive a bonus to attack
    • The Grand Expectation constellation removes the HP restriction on Fantastic Voyage and increases the attack bonus
  • Jean has the Dandelion Breeze elemental burst ability, spurring the Dandelion Field effect that regenerates the health for one ally and instills them with the Anemo attribute
    • The Wind Compassion passive gives Jean a 50% chance to regenerate HP equal to 15 percent of Jean’s attack damage to all members of the party
  • Noell has the Breastplate elemental skill, which offers a chance to regenerate HP for all characters following normal and charged attacks. The HP restored is based around Noelle’s DEF attribute

Heal at a Statue of the Seven

The final way to heal in Genshin Impact is to find a Statue of the Seven. There aren’t many of these — nine in total, at least so far — and they’re not always easy to reach. However, if you can track one down, they’ll heal your entire party. They can also increase your max stamina, adjust the talents of the Traveler, and reveal certain parts of the in-game map.