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Genshin Impact Childish Jiang Hiding Spots | A Little Game Quest Guide

Players can find Childish Jiang in Genshin Impact on a mountain north of Mt. Tianheng. This strange person will be looking for someone to play with. Speaking with them will trigger the A Little Game quest, which features a game of hide-and-seek. To complete it, players will have to locate all four of Childish Jiang’s hiding spots before the timer rungs out.

How to find Childish Jiang’s hiding spots in Genshin Impact‘s A Little Game quest

To complete the A Little Game quest in Genshin Impact, players will have to play four rounds of hide-and-seek with Childish Jiang. Talking with him triggers the start of a round in which players have a to locate his hiding spot (which is much easier than finding the Noctilucous Jade for the Big Business quest).

Fortunately, Childish Jiang doesn’t randomize his hiding locations. He’ll seek out the same four spots in sequence, which makes following this guide a snap.

Hiding Location #1

Timer: 1 minute

Genshin Impact Childish Jiang Hiding Spot 1

In the first round, to find Childish Jiang, just go north from the starting point and look for a boulder. Jiang is hiding behind it.

Hiding Location #2

Timer: 50 seconds

Genshin Impact Childish Jiang Hiding Spot 2

Childish Jiang didn’t try much harder the second round. Just go a bit further north from the boulder and look behind the tree to the left.

Hiding Location #3

Timer: 40 seconds

Genshin Impact Childish Jiang Hiding Spot 3

This time around, Jiang switches things up a bit. Go to the nearby building and look on the east side of it to find him.

Hiding Location #4

Timer: 30 seconds

Genshin Impact Childish Jiang Hiding Spot 4

Jiang apparently looks to throw the player off his tracks in round four by hiding in the same kind of place he did the first time. This time around, head south and look behind the rock near the edge of the cliff to catch him.

When Childish Jiang is caught for the fourth time, he’ll express his gratitude at the player spending so much time playing hide-and-seek with him. This completes the A Little Game quest and gives the player their reward (and you can get even more rewards by using these Genshin Impact promo codes).