Raft Second Chapter | Zipline parts and crafting

Raft, the survival game from Redbeet Interactive, has just received a new update. Titled The Second Chapter, this update offers loads of new destinations, items, and enemies. Among the new additions is the zipline, which players can use get around much more quickly. Of course, that means they’ll need to track down zipline parts and craft the new tool required to use them. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

Raft | Zipline parts and crafting requirements

How to craft a zipline in Raft - parts and requirements

To craft a zipline in Raft, you’ll need to track down specific zipline parts. Each one requires planks, rope, and bolts. To actually use them, you’ll also need to craft a zipline tool using plastic, scrap, one hinge, and one bolt.

However, these lines don’t come as complete sets. To use even a single one, you’ll have to build at least two ziplines. As such, the basic requirements for one complete line are:

  • Planks x 10
  • Rope x 10
  • Bolt x 2

When crafting, you’ll also need to consider the terrain. These devices only work from high to low, so the start point will need to be at a higher elevation than the end point. Keep this in mind when you start planning out your build.

Of course, to actually use them to get around, you need a zipline tool. To put one of these together, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Plastics x 15
  • Scrap x 5
  • Hinge x 1
  • Bolt x 1

The tool itself needs to be equipped before it can be used. Fortunately, this means you should only really need to craft one to start zipping around your raft.

Like many of the other items in Raft, zipline parts shouldn’t be too hard to find. The real catch is making sure the line reaches from high to low, and that you have the tool you need to use them in the first place.