TikTok ‘We’re Changing our Username Requirements’ | Why is username no longer valid?

Many TikTok users are seeing the “We’re changing our username requirements’ message when logging into the Android and iOS app. Being told that a “username will no longer be valid” is obviously not what users want to read, and the lack of any extra information can be confusing. Here’s the need-to-know information on why users have to update their TikTok username and what the “new rules” mean.

Why is my TikTok username no longer valid?

TikTok 'We're changing our username requirements'

Users receiving the TikTok “We’re changing our username requirements and this username will no longer be valid. Update your username before the new rules take effect.” message will no doubt be confused. This message is even appearing for those with inoffensive usernames.

The TikTok “Username no longer valid” message appears to be linked to the app being down. Users see a “Network error” message and have their username changed to “@0” with all videos and followers gone.

Though TikTok hasn’t yet confirmed the downtime or any issues, widespread reports indicate that the app isn’t working properly for many users. The “We’re changing our username requirements” message appears to be part of the issue and is likely being sent out in error.

Fear not, for it seems that users won’t have to change their usernames at all. Of course, official confirmation is required before users can feel totally safe.

TikTok ‘Couldn’t load. Please try again.’ and ‘Network error’ fix

TikTok 'We're changing our username requirements'

Both of the TikTok “Couldn’t load. Please try again.” and “Network error” issues appear to be linked to the Android and iOS app being down.

To fix the TikTok “Network error” on the users’ end, they can try:

  • Restarting the app, by closing it and reopening it.
  • Restarting the phone and trying the app again.
  • Disconnecting from the internet before connecting again.

However, it is more likely that the current TikTok errors are down to the service itself, with TikTok developers needing to roll out a fix.

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