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How to use the Ouija board in Phasmophobia

Wondering how to use the Ouija board in Phasmophobia? There’s no Ouija board tutorial in the popular ghost hunting game, which has left some players scratching their heads. Fortunately, the Phasmophobia spirit board purpose is explained in this guide. Here’s how to communicate with ghosts and gather evidence using the talking board.

Phasmophobia | How to use the Ouija board

How to use the Ouija board in Phasmophobia

In Phasmophobia, the Ouija board (A.K.A. spirit board or talking board) is a random item spawn. Players can’t purchase the equipment to use in an investigation, but must get lucky and find one hidden within a level. As a result, they can be pretty rare and users don’t get much time to wrap their heads around the Phasmophobia Ouija board use.

After finding an Ouija board in Phasmophobia, players can activate it by clicking the item. Once the spirit board begins to glow, users can ask the ghost questions using the game’s voice recognition system. If the ghost registers a question, it will use the talking board to spell out its answer one letter or number at a time, so watch closely. Any information gained can help the investigation, leading players closer to uncovering which type of ghost they’re dealing with.

Various Ouija board questions can be asked regarding both the ghost itself and any potential past victims. Anyone curious can read up on the full list of questions; additionally, our guide on how to identify different ghost types lets players know which answers they should be seeking.

So, users can’t buy an Ouija board in Phasmophobia, but getting lucky and finding one allows them to learn valuable information by talking to ghosts. Although it can be tempting to look away from the spirit board if there’s an unexplained noise, resist the temptation. Players risk missing out on part of the answer when doing so, which isn’t very helpful.

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