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Genshin Impact | How to Break the Sword Cemetery Seal

One of the quests in Genshin Impact requires you to Break the Sword Cemetery Seal. This quest is offered by Dr. Livingstone, who preys upon your natural instincts as an adventurer. Shame on her. Of course, the directions aren’t entirely straightforward, as you’ll have to find and activate three different elemental totems to dispel the tri-seal. Here’s where to find each totem and how to break the seal blocking access to the treasure.

How to Break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact

How to Break the Sword Cemetery Seal in Genshin Impact

To break the Sword Cemetery seal in Genshin Impact, you’ll first want to find the cemetery itself. It’s located in Mondstadt, on the eastern side of the map. You can find on the island within the Dadaupa Gorge lake west of Cape Oath.

The seal at the cemetery is protected by three different Hilichurl Camps, and each totem within requires a different element to activate. You’ll need to visit every camp and then interact with the nearby totem. After the timer starts, take out the Hilichurl or Mitachurl before the time limit ends, then use the correct element on the totem.

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This shouldn’t prove too difficult with the right party members. Each totem will display an icon of the element you’ll need to use. The northern camp requires the use of Cryo magic, the southeastern camp requires Pyro magic, and the southwestern camp requires Electro magic.

After you’ve applied the correct element to each totem, a short cutscene will play. Watch on as the Sword Cemetery seal is finally broken. Head back to the island in the lake and inspect the altar to obtain the treasure at the center of the Sword Cemetery.

In reward for your efforts, you’ll receive a Northlander Claymore Prototype, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and a four-star artifact. You’ll also unlock The Best Sword in the Cemetery achievement. While you’re here, be sure to grab the Amenoculus resting atop the seal itself.