Twitter Feed Not Updating | Is it down with an outage?

If you find that your Twitter feed not updating, you aren’t the only one — currently, the social network is down for a huge percentage of users. The global outage means that Twitter is not refreshing, with users not able to see or send new tweets in the meantime.

Twitter users are being hit with a number of errors, including one that informs them that the social network is “temporarily overcapacity” or that “something went wrong.” On mobile, users are being told that the site “cannot retrieve tweets at this time.” This is after Twitter went down for a brief moment, which has resulted in some unfortunate technical issues.So is there a way to fix it?

Can you fix Twitter feed not updating?

In order to see tweets on your Twitter feed while it’s not updating, users can try to switch to the mobile version of the site. This is seemingly working in more regions than the desktop version, though this is only anecdotal given that Twitter Support has yet to make an official statement.

Users can also visit specific feeds on the desktop version of the site, with profiles still being accessible for some despite Twitter being down for others. If you need to read specific tweets from a particular account, you may be able to do that in the meantime.

Despite these workarounds, notifications and mentions are still unavailable, with users not able to read if they’ve received or have been tagged in tweets.

For everyone else, if your Twitter feed is not updating, this is an issue that the company is no doubt working on given that it’s being faced by so many of its users. It’s unclear when Twitter will go back up and feeds will start updating as per usual, though outages for the social networking platform typically don’t last long. Hopefully, this problem will be rectified sooner rather than later.