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Can you carry torches in Amnesia: Rebirth?

Can you carry torches in Amnesia: Rebirth? Torches are a valuable item in the survival horror game, lighting up the players’ path and helping to show the way. Lighting a torch could be the difference between surviving and meeting a horrifying end in the game. The Amnesia: Rebirth torches are the player’s friend in-game. Here’s everything there is to know about torches in Frictional Games’ horror game.

Can torches be carried in Amnesia: Rebirth?

carry torches in Amnesia: Rebirth

Being able to carry torches in Amnesia: Rebirth would make some situations easier to cope with in the game. It may have been noted that the game doesn’t tell players how to pick up torches. Can torches be carried? Or can torches only be lit?

Players cannot carry torches in Amnesia: Rebirth. No matter how safe and cozy a torch looks in the game, they cannot be picked up and carried. Players can only light torches. It is impossible to pick up a torch (whether it is alight or not) and carry it around in the game. Why the development team decided to put lightable torches into Amnesia: Rebirth that cannot be carried is another question.

Despite the initial disappointment of being unable to carry torches in Amnesia: Rebirth, however, players can use other items to light their paths instead. For example, around an hour or so into the game, players will unlock a lantern that can be carried whenever it is needed. That lantern should definitely come in handy on more than a few occasions.

Although players can’t equip and carry torches in Amnesia: Rebirth, there are other items that work in the same way. At least, for example, the lantern can be lit and carried as soon as it is unlocked around an hour into the game. It’s time to not be too afraid of the dark thanks to the lantern.