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Genshin Impact Leaked Characters | Childe, Diona, Xinyan, and Zhongli

New Genshin Impact leaked characters have been revealed following data mines of the incoming 1.1 update. The likes of Childe, Diona, Xinyan, and Zhongli look to be added to the game in the near future. Plenty is known about the new Genshin Impact characters, including what rarity and star rating they are, what weapons they use, and more. Here’s everything there is to know about the leaked characters being added to the game.

Genshin Impact Leaked Characters List (Update 1.1)

Genshin Impact leaked characters

Four new characters seem to be on the way to Genshin Impact as part of the upcoming version 1.1 update. These characters have been leaked on Reddit ahead of an official reveal, however, meaning that they have not yet been officially confirmed. Take everything below with a grain of salt. Childe, Diona, Xinyan, and Zhongli all should be added to the game as part of the 1.1 update, though. Before that, though, it could be worth noting down where to find Elite Opponents in the game.

Childe Rarity and Abilities

  • 5-Star Rarity
  • Hydro and Bows
  • Elemental Skill:
    • Replaces Bow with a basic melee attack
      •  Dual Water Knives and a Water Polearm in the combo
        • No Cooldown
  • Two Elemental Bursts:
    1. Bow Elemental Burst: Shoots a water shot, special debuff inflicted on enemies and an automatic elemental energy refund
    2. Melee Elemental Burst: A big slice attack. It consumes the debuff of the Bow Burst to deal more damage than it normally would (use them in order)
  • Passive ability to increase the basic attack of the whole party by one

Diona Rarity and Abilities

  • 4-Star Rarity
  • Cryo and Bows
  • Elemental Burst:
    • Throws an iced drink like a molotov cocktail. This damages enemies and heals any party members caught in its area of damage/healing

Xinyan Rarity and Abilities

  • 4-Star Rarity
  • Pyro and Claymore
  • Elemental Skill:
    • Attacks with her bladed guitar, the more enemies it hits, the more shield is gained (scales with her Defence stat)
  • Elemental Burst:
    • Plays her guitar to create a shockwave of sound around her. The shockwave sets the ground on fire and delivers a knockback effect to all enemies it hits
  • Passive ability grants a 12% chance of gaining double defence from defence-boosting food

Zhongli Rarity and Abilities

  • 5-Star Rarity
  • Geo and Polearm
  • Charged attack teleports him forwards with spears made of energy attacking in his wake
  • Elemental Skill:
    • Tap to form a monolith that attacks with an area of effect
    • Hold to create a burst attack from Zhongli that can destroy Geo element objects without fail
  • Elemental Burst:
    • Summon a meteor that, when it hits, turns enemies into stone
  • Passive ability returns 15% of ore spent crafting Polearms back to the player
  • All abilities scale with Zhongli’s max HP stat

Hopefully, the Genshin Impact leaked characters as detailed above are added into the game following the incoming 1.1 update. Each one, though, will likely be difficult and/or expensive to unlock (especially the 5-Star Zhongli and Childe). Time will tell, of course.

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