Is the Xbox Series X controller the same as Xbox One?

Is the Xbox Series X controller the same as Xbox One? At a glance, the next-generation Xbox Series X gamepad looks almost identical to the Xbox One controller. Is that actually the case, though? Or does the Xbox Series X controller have new features? Here’s everything different about the new next-gen Xbox controller.

Is the Xbox Series X controller different from Xbox One?

Is the Xbox Series X controller the same as Xbox One

The controller is a huge part of any games console, including the Xbox Series X. Over the course of a console generation, gamers will spend hours upon hours holding the gamepad; for the best experience, it must be comfortable and responsive the whole time. While other platform holders like to add bells and whistles to their gamepads, Microsoft typically keeps things simple on Xbox. That’s mostly the case again with the Xbox Series X pad, although there are some notable improvements.

The Xbox Series X controller differs from Xbox One in a number of ways. It’s more ergonomic, features a textured grip finish on the bumpers and triggers, has a “facetted dish” D-pad for greater accuracy, plus an all-new Share button for easy content creation and distribution. These differences can all be seen, though there are also under-the-hood improvements to compatibility and connectivity.

Ryan Whitaker, Senior Designer at Xbox, gave an in-depth interview to Xbox Wire highlighting all of the new Xbox Series X controller features. Although the changes are subtle compared to the PlayStation 5’s overhauled DualSense controller, the design team seems to have taken the “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” approach.

Of course, anybody that was wondering “Is the Xbox Series X controller the same as Xbox One?” might also be curious about the Series S gamepad. The Xbox Series S controller is the same as the Series X controller, only colored white instead of black.

Xbox One consoles were recently updated to bring the UI in line with Series X and S, which means removing custom backgrounds can spice up the Home screen with rotating game art. On the topic of user interfaces, the PS5 UI has also been revealed.