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Does Genshin Impact have autosave?

Considering the scope of Genshin Impact, it’s no wonder that players want to make sure their progress is saved. However, there’s no option to back up such data in the game’s menu. So, does Genshin Impact have autosave? Is there any way to manually save your progress?

Does Genshin Impact autosave?

Does Genshin Impact autosave?

Yes, Genshin Impact autosaves your game. Progress is automatically saved during specific instances, such as after fast traveling or completing quests. Since it’s an online game, the autosave feature is required to continue your progress on other platforms.

Of course, this means there is no traditional save game feature. You can’t create individual slots or back up your progress at will. All of that is done automatically.

This sort of thing is commonplace in video games, particularly in online-based games. However, it’s a necessity for any game that uses a cross-save feature. Local progress must be uploaded to servers in order for players to pick up where they left off on another device. It’s just the way things work.

How to manually save in Genshin Impact

Since you can’t create your own save files or slots in Genshin Impact, it’s not possible to save manually. However, there’s one very easy way to create a save whenever you like: Quit the game.

Because progress needs to be uploaded to the game’s servers to pick up later, your characters and equipment are backed up every time you quit. While you can’t create individual files or back up the data, you can at least force the game to remember your progress at certain points.

The autosave function in Genshin Impact is meant for both convenience and ease of mind. Unfortunately, that leaves out more traditional players who like having local backups or duplicates of save files. Still, when it comes to cross-progression, such a feature would be useless.