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Watch Dogs: Legion | How to heal injured Operatives

Knowing how to heal injured Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion will help players complete missions, side quests, and more. The Injured Operatives notification can be a confusing one when players are new to the game, unaware of how to resurrect downed Operatives. Fortunately, to revive Operatives in the new Ubisoft open-world title is simple. Here’s the lowdown on how to heal, resurrect, and revive injured Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion.

How to heal injured Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion heal injured Operatives

When an Operative is injured in Watch Dogs: Legion, the player is unable to play as them until they are healed. A cooldown will be displayed alongside an ‘Injured’ message, informing players that they must wait until the Operative is revived.

To heal an Operative in Watch Dogs: Legion, players can wait for the injury cooldown timer to run out, or they can recruit a Pandemic Operative to help reduce that timer. Players can check how long it will take for an Operative to revive on the ‘Team’ tab of the in-game menus. Unfortunately, an injured Operative cannot be played until they heal.

Reduce injured Operative cooldown timer

When the player’s first Operative becomes injured, they will be given the option of recruiting a Paramedic Operative. Complete the Recruitment Missions for the Paramedic and add them to your Team. Recruiting a Paramedic will reduce the injury cooldown time and resurrect injured Operatives faster.

Players can’t use any items to heal an injured Operative, though if your Operative takes damage in combat, you can leave the fight for a brief period to regain your health. If an Operative suffers a critical injury, they will be out of action and you will need to select a different Operative while waiting for the cooldown timer.

The wait to heal an injured Operative in Watch Dogs: Legion is typically one hour, so speed it up by recruiting a Paramedic Operative. That’s all there is to healing and reviving downed and injured Operatives in the game. In the meantime, players can use that next-gen cross-save feature to transfer those Operatives to the PS5/Xbox Series X.