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Tips and Tricks

To win in a 3-vs-3 battle you must shatter a crystal in your enemy team's base opposite on the map from your own base.

Turrets are powerful and able to kill your hero in one shot. However they will always attack your minions before hero so to bring down turrets make sure you travel with minions.

Since there's various equipment slots it's far better to stack items rather than losing benefits each time you do an upgrade.

If you get injured get back to base and heal instead going on and get killed. The time out of the front line while you go for healing time will be a fraction of the time wasted while waiting for a respawn.

The button on the lower right of the screen will teleport you back to your home base.

Items are used to bolster your heroes strength from movement speed, health, and armor, to ability cool down, energy, and weapon power.