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Watch Dogs: Legion New Game+ | Is there New Game Plus?

Watch Dogs: Legion includes a lot of multiplayer options. However, the developers at Ubisoft haven’t forgotten about players who prefer playing solo. We already know that the game will feature a full-length campaign, but does Watch Dogs: Legion include a new game plus mode?

Does Watch Dogs: Legion have new game plus?

Does Watch Dogs: Legion have new game plus?

New game plus is a feature that will be added to Watch Dogs: Legion in a future update. According to a post on the Ubisoft website, the new game+ mode will be added in a post-launch update scheduled for 2021. That means there will be no new game plus mode when the game first releases.

Though details are slim, the game’s new game plus mode is expected to work as usual. That is, you’ll be able to beat the main campaign, then start over from the beginning while keeping all of your items, characters, and progress.

The game’s post-launch update will include several extra features for single-player enthusiasts. These primarily include new characters to recruit, new abilities to unlock, and a variety of new missions.

There will also be a Season Pass with plenty of new content on offer. The big draw will be Watch Dogs: Legion – Bloodline, a robust story-based expansion. This DLC will include new playable operatives such newcomers Mina and Darcy as well as Aiden Pearce from the previous game. The Season Pass will also include the Complete Edition of the original Watch Dogs as well as additional DedSec missions.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay to use new game plus. That option is being offered as a free update to all owners of Watch Dogs: Legion.

So yes, Watch Dogs: Legion will have a new game plus mode. It just won’t be available at launch. Players will have to wait until the free post-launch update lands sometime in 2021 before starting new game+.