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Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer | Is there co-op?

Arguably, Watch Dogs Legion was the jewel in Ubisoft’s E3 2019 crown. The post-Brexit London based open-world action game lets you play as anyone, apparently. While we’re waiting for more details on how this works exactly, however, plenty of you are asking whether or not there is any kind of Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer. Read on to learn if there is any Watch Dogs Legion co-op, and whether or not it’s online or local or something else entirely. We’ve got all your online multiplayer questions answered below. Now read it, you mugs.

Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer | Is there co-op?

Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer

Watch Dogs Legion looks like it could reinvigorate the series thanks to its whole “play as every character you see” shtick. The system seems a little confusing to everyone right now, however. To add some more confusion into the mix, though, Ubisoft has confirmed that yes, there is Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer. The multiplayer takes the form of online co-op. Sorry, couch multiplayer fans. So to answer the above question, yes, there is online co-op in Watch Dogs Legion.

Ubisoft took to its official Watch Dogs Legion website to explain in a little detail what the Watch Dogs Legion co-op will be. According to Ubisoft, the Watch Dogs Legion online multiplayer lets you team up with friends in co-op. In online co-op, you’ll be able to “explore dedicated online content and missions and exciting side activities.” The “exciting side activities” includes the likes of freestyle football (soccer), bare-knuckle boxing, posting street art, and illegal couriering. Exactly what these missions are is anyone’s guess right now.

Unfortunately, that’s all we have to go on in terms of Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer as of writing. Keep with us at GameRevolution to learn more about the online co-op offerings of Watch Dogs Legion as and when it’s announced by Ubisoft. This includes how the “play as anyone” thing the game’s going for.