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Watch Dogs: Legion | How to access Skye Larsen’s home in Coming Home

The Watch Dogs: Legion mission Coming Home will ask you to access Skye Larsen’s home, with you being told to break into Wernicke House in order to retrieve information pertaining to the villainous tech genius. To learn how to access Sky Larsen’s home, you’ll need to complete one of the game’s many node puzzles that will let you break into the location that is otherwise locked by a security system.

How to access Skye Larsen’s home

watch dogs legion skye larsen puzzle

To enter Skye Larsen’s home, you must first download the key that is located in a laptop in the security booth near its front entrance gates. Your Operative can download the key by hacking the laptop. Now gain entry to Skye Larsen’s grounds by entering the gate along the right-hand side of the building. You can take down the lone guard to avoid rousing suspicion.

Skye’s home is locked, with you being informed that you will need to complete the network bypass to unlock it. Follow the red power line attached to the door to the side of the building where you will find a node puzzle.

You can either hack a camera that is facing this node puzzle on one of the opposing buildings, or use your Operative to complete it (this is a more awkward method, as the Operative won’t have a great view of the puzzle).

How to complete Skye Larsen’s home puzzle

To complete the node puzzle that will give you access to Skye Larsen’s home, you must go to the far-right side of the building where you will three L-shaped nodes. Rotate the bottom node once to send the blue power line to the middle node. Next, rotate the top L-shaped node twice to send the blue power line across the top of the building.

There are another three L-shaped nodes lined up next, along with another locked node. Rotate the middle L-shaped node once to continue the blue power line to the top node. Now rotate the bottom L-shaped node twice, before going back to the top L-shaped node and rotating it until it sends the blue power line to the locked node. This node is on a timer, so you will need to move fast. You can now unlock this node, as two blue power lines will have been sent into it.

After unlocking the node, rotate it twice to continue the blue power line through the center of the wall. The timer for the top node will have likely reset, so put it back into position until the blue line continues along the top of the wall. Unlock the final node on the top-left of the wall to continue the blue power line to the door. You can now access Skye Larsen’s home and continue your efforts to overthrow London’s oppressors.