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Watch Dogs: Legion | How to access the Facial Recognition AI in Initiate Sequence

The Watch Dogs: Legion mission Initiate Sequence will ask you to access the Facial Recognition AI. However, finding this AI can be difficult, with the marker not providing a good indication of its whereabouts. As such, the Facial Recognition AI location can be a mystery, though there is an easy way to find it.

How to access the Facial Recognition AI

watch dogs legion how to access the facial recognition ai

To access the Facial Recognition AI in Watch Dogs: Legion you’ll need to use a spider robot. You can either use the one you can spawn next to the vent, or equip the gadget to your Operative using the Team menu.

After hijacking the robot, head up the set of stairs and you’ll see a vent located inside the flowerbed You can access this vent using your spider robot to continue further into the building, where you will eventually appear in the room containing the Facial Recognition AI you need to access.

watch dogs legion access the facial recognition AI

Where is the Facial Recognition AI?

The Facial Recognition AI in Watch Dogs: Legion is located in a room you can access by crawling through the vents as the spider robot. The first vent will take you into a hallway, with a locked door leading to the server hosting the Facial Recognition AI. You will not be able to access it from here with your spider robot, so head left as you drop down to make your way to another vent, and then open it.

Go through this small second vent into an office room. You can climb over the filing cabinets on the left-hand side of the office to jump into another vent.

Continue through this vent until you access the main room. You can now head over to the server containing the Facial Recognition AI and begin downloading it by inserting the spider robot into its port at the bottom.

watch dogs legion where is the facial recognition ai

After downloading the Facial Recognition AI, you will have completed this portion of Watch Dogs: Legion‘s Initiate Sequence mission, and you’ll be able to disconnect from the spider robot in order to continue.

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