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Watch Dogs: Legion Best Tech Upgrades | What should I spend points on?

Watch Dogs: Legion Tech Upgrades and Gadgets are unlocked using Tech Points. Unless players set to exploring the map, Tech Points will be rather limited. This means it’s important for players to choose the best Tech Upgrades and Gadgets from the get-go. Here are the best starting Tech Upgrades in Watch Dogs: Legion.

What are the best Tech 04Upgrades and Gadgets in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Watch Dogs: Legion Best Tech Upgrades

The best Tech Upgrades and Gadgets in Watch Dogs: Legion are those that can be applied to most missions. Players will get a lot of use out of them and make them worth the Tech Points investment.

Watch Dogs: Legion Best Tech Upgrades and Gadgets List

  • Deep Profiler
    • “Schedule and contact info exposes new ways to recruit – even for enemies of DedSec.”
    • This Tech Upgrade is a must-have for players looking to expand their roster of operatives to include tougher Albion and gang members, as well as other useful enemies-turned-friends.
  • AR Cloak
    • “AR camouflage to render the wearer invisible and break line of sight.”
    • The AR Cloak comes in extremely clutch during desperate situations. When a player is swamped by enemies, as often happens during main and side missions, they can activate the AR Cloak to make a quick getaway. It also lets players move through areas undetected, avoiding a big battle.
  • Infiltrator Spiderbot
    • “A stealth-based spiderbot capable of performing non-lethal takedowns.”
    • Players use the spiderbot a lot in and out of main missions, so it’s a good idea to upgrade it ASAP so it can cloak itself. Having a deployable spiderbot also means that players don’t have to search around for a spiderbot spawn.
  • AR Shroud
    • “Allows operative to digitally Shroud a target after a takedown.”
    • While players can’t drag and hide bodies, they can use the AR Shroud to conceal enemies. This helps avoid triggering any alarms, as taken down enemies disappear from sight.
  • Parcel Fox Drone Hacks
    • “Parcel Fox delivery drones can be disabled and hijacked.”
    • This is a bonus suggestion, as it doesn’t directly impact combat or stealth effectiveness. Instead, it allows players to greatly increase the rate at which they earn ETO (in-game currency). That can be used to buy customization items at clothing stores.

While arming themselves with the best Tech Upgrades should be a player’s first priority, it’s also important to look good while fighting the forces of Albion. For that, ETO is needed. Thankfully, farming ETO is easy with this guide.

Tech Upgrades and Gadgets can make a nobody operative effective in battle. However, they will still pale in comparison to the Prestige Operatives. There are three that are currently available in the game.

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