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Why can’t Aiden run in Watch Dogs: Legion: Bloodline?

In Watch Dogs: Legion: Bloodline, players initially control Aiden Pearce, a capable hacker and fighter. Unfortunately, it seems like he’s forgotten how to run, as the sprint button won’t work. Thankfully, there is an explanation. No, the controller button isn’t broken — it’s very much the game’s fault. Here’s how to make Aiden run in the new Watch Dogs: Legion DLC expansion.

Why can’t Aiden sprint in Watch Dogs: Legion: Bloodline?

Why can't Aiden run in Watch Dogs: Legion: Bloodline

Aiden can’t run in Watch Dogs: Legion: Bloodline until he needs to chase Wrench. When the chase sequence begins, the player is prompted to press the “Run” button.

Once Aiden has chased down Wrench, the run button will work as usual. Aiden is a quick sprinter and is also capable of busting out parkour moves to quickly traverse ground. He’s also a great climber, allowing him to quickly scale fences to lose enemies.

For those that have played Watch Dogs: Legion’s base game, it might be jarring to suddenly not be able to run around. However, it’s important to realize that Bloodline will be the first experience for some players, hence the heavy tutorialization of the opening events.

Thankfully, once running has been “unlocked,” it will never be locked again. Players can run around as Aiden as much as they like, parkouring all about the place!

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