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Watch Dogs: Legion Fast ETO | How to farm money quickly

Farming ETO in Watch Dogs: Legion is key to getting enough money to customize each operative with different clothes. As clothing costs so much in WD: Legion, it’s important that players know the best way of making money. Here’s how to get fast ETO with a simple Tech skill and Perks — no cheating, glitch, or exploit necessary!

How to farm ETO quickly in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion Fast ETO

It’s easy to farm ETO quickly in Watch Dogs: Legion. Developer Ubisoft Toronto has put the necessary tools in the game and it’s up to the player to choose to unlock the right Tech skill and find characters with the best Perks. Combine them and the in-game money will quickly start rolling in.

To get money fast in Watch Dogs: Legion, players will want to hijack Parcel Fox delivery drones. Using the Tech skill “Parcel Fox Drone Hacks,” players can control delivery drones and force them to drop their package. Different packages have different contents.

  • Orange Package: Large ETO drop.
  • White Package: Normal ETO drop.
  • Red Package: Explosives!

Straight main roads attack many Parcel Fox drones and players can simply camp a spot and continue to farm the ETO drops. This method is much faster than earning ETO through missions and will quickly add up to thousands and thousands of ETO.

Combine the above strategy with a character equipped with the “Skilled Investor” perk to increase the amount of ETO you earn per Parcel Fox drop. Accountants often have this perk, so hunt them down and quickly recruit them.

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The three Prestige Operatives, are well worth unlocking, as they are some of the best characters in the game and should be the ultimate goal for any player’s roster.

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