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Watch Dogs Legion season pass not working fix

With new DLC out now, players are flocking back to Watch Dogs: Legion. The London-based entry of the popular hacking franchise isn’t without its glitches, though. Many are reporting the season pass not working, leaving them unable to play the new expansion, Bloodline. When working, it reintroduces series favorites, Aiden Pearce and Wrench. Read on to find out the fix for the season pass not working.

How to fix the Watch Dogs: Legion season pass not working

Watch Dogs Legion season pass not working

To fix the Watch Dogs: Legion season pass not working, your initial best bet is to go to your system’s store app, and manually search for the Bloodline DLC there.

The error seems to be occurring with players using the in-game menu to access the content straight from the game. For some, it isn’t recognising that the DLC as already purchased. It seems to be affecting those with special editions of the game, or the season pass – both of which are meant to grant you free access to the expansion. If this fails to load up the DLC, the best workaround is to bypass the game entirely, by heading to your system’s store. From there, you can search for the Bloodline DLC, and should be able to download it free of charge.

If this manual bypass doesn’t work, fear not. Ubisoft’s Twitter account confirms that they’re aware of the problem. Therefore, if the store fix doesn’t work, a patch should be out very soon to resolve it.

It’s not the first complaint that fans have had with the Bloodline DLC, either. The first sequence of the expansion, where you play as original Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce, leaves you inexplicably unable to sprint. It’s a small gripe, but another element of Bloodline that’s left fans scratching their heads.

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