Batgirl movie may be recasting JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon

A new Batgirl movie rumor suggesting JK Simmons may be recast has sprung up in the wake of a new report featuring a few possible details about the movie’s casting. The Batgirl movie Commissioner Gordon rumor suggests that Warner Bros has begun a casting call for a new actor to play him, despite JK Simmons having just been seen as the DCEU version in Zack Snyder’s Justice League this year. But is this rumor true?

Is the Batgirl movie JK Simmons recasting official?

Batgirl movie JK Simmons

The report comes via the website The Illuminerdi and details what Warner Bros and the filmmakers are looking for with the casting of the Batgirl movie, as presumably none of the actors have been chosen yet. While this report is in no way official and should be taken as a rumor, if true the casting call details suggest that JK Simmons may not be returning as Commissioner Gordon.

The studio is reportedly casting “an actor in his 50s to play Commissioner Gordon, Batgirl’s father, and he is described as a strong supporting character in the film.” JK Simmons had a small but key role as Gordon in both Justice League and this year’s Snyder Cut version, and fans assumed he was supposed to reprise the role in Batgirl and Ben Affleck’s The Batman movie — before that went in another direction outside the DCEU. It looks like the Batgirl movie could be doing the same unless the casting call is just a formality and the directors always planned on keeping Simmons.

It’s certainly been a rough year for fans of the DCEU. Despite the release of the Snyder Cut, John Stewart’s Green Lantern was removed from the movie and the studio is prioritizing a new Superman over another Henry Cavill movie. Furthermore, Batgirl fans were upset to learn that the movie was considered a mid-budget “risky” venture that’s going to HBO Max instead of a theatrical release.