Fans split over The Batman leaks revealing Riddler’s mask

While the movie isn’t due out until March 2022, a new set of The Batman leaks have revealed a bunch of new artwork and a better look at the mask belonging to The Riddler. The mask can be seen in the trailer released last year but can’t be seen very well, so this new Riddler leak is the best look so far at the villain’s major redesign — and fans are split about how The Batman is showing the iconic comics character.

Where did the latest The Batman leaks come from?

The Batman leaks

The new leaks with the Riddler design appeared thanks to @Dankhan_ on Twitter, and they all appear to be from an upcoming 2022 The Batman calendar. While most of it is stylized artwork there are a few good shots of Robert Pattinson’s Batman, one for Zoë Kravitz’s Selina Kyle/Catwoman, and a detailed piece of artwork for Paul Dano’s The Riddler.

The Riddler still has his iconic green outfit, but his mask has evolved from a simple domino mask — such as the ones worn by Frank Gorshin in the ’60s Batman series and Jim Carrey in Batman Forever — to a full face mask with glasses and even a mouth covering. It certainly looks like something a creepy serial killer would wear.

Predictably, such a radical departure from the usual comics design has had a strong reaction from Batman fans across social media, with just as many people praising the look as hating it. Some love that it’s perfect for a Zodiac killer-style villain, but others don’t like how it’s basically a gimp mask.

It should be said that this may not be Riddler’s look for the entire movie, as all fans have seen of the mask so far is during a single scene in the trailer, but this artwork suggests it may be in The Batman a lot more. Regardless, the redesign will probably remain divisive even beyond The Batman’s release date of March 4, 2022.

As for Batman in videogames, Injustice and Mortal Kombat creators Netherrealm has been teasing that it is working on a Marvel vs DC fighting game, although Batman himself will be stepping aside in favor of the rest of the Bat-family in Gotham Knights, which is also due next year.