Blue Beetle movie heading to HBO Max worries Batgirl and Supergirl fans

It seems that the upcoming first DC movie with a Latino superhero will be a Blue Beetle HBO Max exclusive. According to a report, the Blue Beetle movie will be exclusive to Warner Bros Discovery’s HBO Max streaming service and will not release in theaters. While angering some DC fans, it has also worried them with the seeming confirmation that the Batgirl movie will also go the same way, and possibly the Supergirl movie too.

Why fans are worried about Blue Beetle HBO Max movie exclusivity

Blue Beetle HBO Max

This is according to a report by the Los Angeles Times, which simply states that Warner Bros has “mid-budget DC movies” on the way for the streaming service, and specifically mentions Batgirl and Blue Beetle. While a New York Times article from December suggested that “riskier” movies Batgirl and Static Shock would land on HBO Max, this is the first suggestion that Blue Beetle would go the same route.

The response from fans regarding Blue Beetle and Batgirl has been generally negative. Many are upset that the first Latino superhero in a major movie will not get a theatrical release. Others are shocked that such a major and popular character as Batgirl is deemed too risky for anything but a direct-to-streaming release

Others are concerned that the same thing will happen with Supergirl, who will debut in The Flash movie next year and will be played by Latina actress Sasha Calle, presumably with a movie spin-off planned.

This isn’t the first time that fans have been unhappy with Warner Bros’ decisions. The choice to cast Zendaya as Lola Bunny in Space Jam: A New Legacy seems to have backfired as the first clip got released and some fans hate her performance so much they want her replaced by an “actual voice actor.” In the DC world, WB angered more fans this year by removing John Stewart’s Green Lantern from Zack Snyder’s Justice League and prioritizing another Superman movie over the likes of John Stewart or Static Shock. There’s a reason why Zack Snyder told the studio to “suck it” on The Late Show.

Blue Beetle will be directed by Angel Manuel Soto with Batgirl directed by Adil El Arbi & Bilal Fallah, as announced earlier this year. Sasha Calle’s Supergirl will make her movie debut in The Flash when that releases in November 2022.