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How to delete Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion boasts an incredible number of playable characters, though, sadly, users can’t recruit them all. Once DedSec is maxed out with new recruits, players will no doubt wonder how to delete Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion. So, here’s how to replace Operatives on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Google Stadia.

How to replace Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs Legion remove operative from team

Recruiting new Operatives is one of the highlights in Watch Dogs: Legion — particularly so when it comes to the Beekeeper. That said, unfortunately, there is a limit to the fun that can be had by bringing characters into DedSec. There’s a limit of just 20 recruits, which can cause issues when coming across attractive new hires thereafter. Are users stuck with their first 20 characters, or can Operatives be deleted in Watch Dogs: Legion?

Operatives can be deleted and replaced in Watch Dogs: Legion. Any unwanted characters can be retired from the in-game “Team” menu; simply select the Operative and then follow the on-screen prompt. Xbox players will need to press X, while PlayStation users should hit square before confirming the decision.

Be sure that the Operative is unwanted when giving them the boot, as there’s no bringing them back. Swapping Operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion is a great way to squeeze more variety out of the game, so don’t be shy when it comes to forcing an early retirement. It might sound harsh, but experimenting with different characters helps to make Watch Dogs: Legiontremendous fun” for the most part.

While it might be tempting to kick an entire team of Operatives and usher in a fresh set of faces, it’s best to tackle replacing characters one by one. Recruiting new Operatives can require a bit of legwork, so don’t be left short on manpower in the meantime.