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Watch Dogs Legion Coming Home Door Codes | Access Skye Larsen’s Cottage

During the 404 Mission Coming Home in Watch Dogs Legion, there are several door codes the player must find to progress. Most of these are relatively easy to find. However, one door code may escape the player’s notice as it isn’t required to complete the mission. This is required to access Skye Larsen’s Secret Cottage.

We’ll show where each door code is located in Skye Larsen’s secret cottage in Coming Home in Watch Dogs Legion. Of particular note is the last code, which requires players to find four items scattered throughout the area.

Coming Home | Skye Larsen’s secret cottage door code locations

After accessing Skye Larsen’s home and entering the basement, players will notice an entire cottage hidden under Skye’s mansion. This is a reconstruction of her childhood home, and players will learn about her past as they transverse it. Five doors are locked by code inside the cottage. Players must only enter four of them to complete the mission, but figuring out the combo to the last one will give some unique info about Skye.

One thing to note is that players don’t have to enter any of these door codes manually. Merely finding the object(s) that have the code on them is enough. Once those are found, the player just has to interact with the keypad to enter the combo automatically.

Front door code location

Watch Dogs Legion Coming Home front door code

The first obstacle players will encounter is the front door to the cottage itself. However, it’s easy to reason out where to find the code as there’s only one place to go. Head over to the gazebo and watch the AR reconstruction. After it’s finished, snag the Hospital Wristband on the bench for the first door code.

Skye’s bedroom door code location

Watch Dogs Legion Coming Home dog collar

After entering the house and watching the AR reconstruction, head left into the kitchen and through the door to the garage. After speaking with Bagley, players can pick up the Dog Collar to get the code for Skye’s bedroom.

Sinead’s bedroom door code location

Watch Dogs Legion Coming Home sinead bedroom door code

To get the door code for Sinead’s bedroom, head into Skye’s room and look for a picture frame. The frame contains a picture of Skye and Sinead, and the code for the next door is written on the back.

Basement door code location

Watch Dogs Legion Coming Home basement door code

This is the last code players need to complete the mission. After watching the AR reconstruction in Sinead’s room, head past the bed and pick up the Case of Sedatives to find the code.

Vacant room door code location (optional)

The code for the vacant room is scattered throughout the house. There are four objects players can find, each with one digit of the code:

  • Get Well Soon Card – Basement
  • Child’s Drawing – Kitchen refrigerator
  • Cracked Trophy – Living room
  • Handwritten Note – Skye’s bedroom

Once all four of these are found, players can enter the vacant room. The only item of interest here is a photo of Skye with a mysterious man. They look very close. I wonder who he is.

This mission will lead to “Into the Void,” where players will face a tough decision.