Box art - InFamous: First Light

InFamous: First Light PS4 Cheats

General Tips
  • Remember that some of the best powers in First Light can only be purchased after completing the main story.
  • Keep an eye on your multiplier if you're going for a high score in the Arena.
  • Careful with some of your more powerful attacks when trying to rescue hostages. Many of them can kill the hostages and ruin your ability to complete Rescue Arenas in particular.
  • When in a Rescue Arena, go for the hostage right when you get the message that one is going to show up.
  • Weakpoint kills are a great way to complete Arenas.
  • Fetch is a bit more fragile than Deslin and can't heal as fast as him, so feel free to run away if you come across a particularly difficult fight.
  • Enslave is one of the best powers in the game, since it allows you to turn enemies and make them fight for you.
  • Make sure you complete a lot of challenges to earn more SP. There are plenty of useful powers in First Light, and you want as much SP as possible to unlock them.




Noble AchievementCollect all TrophiesPlatinum
IlluminatedCollect all Neon LumensSilver
BlackoutDestroy all Police DronesBronze
Lickety ProntoComplete all Lumen RacesSilver
That's So FetchComplete all Neon GraffitiBronze
UnleashedPurchase every UpgradeGold
NoviceComplete 25% of all ChallengesBronze
ProfessionalComplete 50% of all ChallengesSilver
ExpertComplete 75% of all ChallengesGold
PerfectionistComplete all of the Challenges in the GameGold
Alpha Rescue DiamondAchieve a score of 500,000 pointsSilver
Alpha Survival DiamondAchieve a score of 500,000 pointsSilver
Beta Rescue DiamondAchieve a score of 500,000 pointsSilver
Beta Survival DiamondAchieve a score of 500,000 pointsSilver
Gamma Survival DiamondAchieve a score of 500,000 pointsSilver
Turret SyndromeOverload 25 TurretsSilver
Great Responsibility50 Hostage SavesGold
Top of the ClassEarn a total of 10,000,000 pointsGold
Event HorizonDefeat 100 Enemies with a Neon SingularityBronze
...Bada Boom!Defeat 20 Enemies in a row with Homing MissilesSilver
Fish in a Barrel25 Stasis + Weakpoint KillsBronze
LostSuffer a LossBronze
CrackedEndure a DeceptionSilver
BetrayedExperience a Double-crossGold
She's ReadyComplete the story of inFAMOUS First LightGold