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Little Hope co-op multiplayer explained

The Little Hope co-op multiplayer modes aren’t typically what players would see in a multiplayer suite. Obviously, there’s not deathmatch as this is an adventure game. There are two different multiplayer modes and here’s how they work.

Little Hope co-op multiplayer explained

Little Hope co-op multiplayer explained

First off, Movie Night can be played in the Theatrical Cut or Curator’s Cut. However, Shared Story locks one player to one cut and other players to the second cut. Users cannot mix and match Shared Story with others playing the Movie Night either. This is all similar to Man of Medan but it is unknown if it will also apply to the third entry in the series, which is teased inside Little Hope.

Movie Night

Little Hope co-op multiplayer explained

Movie Night is the game’s local multiplayer option. In this mode, two to five people will be able to play with the same controller. Everyone picks their characters and then the game prompts them when that character comes up. It’s essentially an official “pass and play” mode with stats after every act. Completing the campaign like this will earn you the “Coven of Witches” trophy or achievement.

Shared Story

Little Hope co-op multiplayer explained

Shared Story is a little different from Movie Night as it is an online-only cooperative mode. Two people play the game simultaneously on their own systems. One player plays the Theatrical Cut while the other players the Curator’s Cut (which you can read more about here). Currently, both players have to have a copy of the game and PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold in order to play this mode together.

Is there a Little Hope Friend’s Pass?

And since both players need a copy of Little Hope to play the Shared Story mode, that means that there currently is no Little Hope Friend Pass. Man of Medan had a temporary Friend’s Pass for one month that allowed a second player to download a cooperative version of the game. This allowed two people to play the full title online with one copy. That did come out around six months after the game came out so Little Hope players might have to wait a bit for the same feature to come out for this second chapter.