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Genshin Impact | Where to find Little Liu

The Will of Stone quest in Genshin Impact involves a father trying to send a gift to his daughter. However, the girl has gone missing, meaning you must first find Little Liu before completing the delivery. Here’s where to find Little Liu in order to complete the Will of Stone quest.

Where to find Little Liu location in Genshin Impact

Where to find Little Liu location in Genshin Impact

The quest to find Little Liu in Genshin Impact involves a fair amount of running around. This quest will require you to search across a wide area of Liyue in order to find the missing girl. Little Liu herself can eventually be found near the crossroads due south of Qingce Village.

Will of Stone quest

The Will of Stone World Quest kicks off in Liyue Harbor. A Millilith soldier going by the name of Jiayi wants to send a gift to his daughter, but is unable to seek her out in Qingce Village. That’s where you come in.

Head to Qingce Village and speak to Ruoxin to learn the initial details. After a short speech, Ruoxin will reveal that Little Liu has gone missing. It’s up to you, the daring hero, to bring her home safely.

While Ruoxin doesn’t know exactly where the girl has gotten off to, she guesses that Liu has wandered off somewhere in the region southwest of Wuwang Hill. Head to that area and start gathering clues.

Find Little Liyue

One of the clues you’ll need will be on a hill next to some Hilichurls. Dispatch them as needed, then continue toward the Ruins Treasure to find another clue. You’ll need to inspect both the pile of berries and the footprints before moving on the next part of the quest.

You’ll eventually spot the girl, but she’s in danger. Defeat the enemies to save her, and then she’ll run off. At this point you need to follow her without letting her get more than 30 meters away, or the quest will fail.

As you chase her, you’ll ultimately wind up near an area guarded by more hilichurls. Dispatch the nearby baddies, then look for Liu around some tall bushes near to a stone staircase.

Genshin Impact find Little Liu map location

You’ll find Little Liu hiding behind a bush at the location marked on the map above. While she won’t exactly be happy to see you, she will be somewhat pleased to receive the gift from her father. However, instead of coming with you, she’ll head off on her own.

With the girl now in relatively safety, your next goal is to head head back to speak with Jayi in Liyue Harbor. Before you do, be sure to visit Qingce Village and speak with Liu to receive a special gift. After that, go talk to Jiayi to complete the quest. In return for your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with 30,000 Mora, seven Hero’s Wit, and five Qingce Stir Fry.