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Pikmin 3 Bamboo Gate | How to open

The solution to opening a Pikmin 3 bamboo gate isn’t as obvious as the others, but players will eventually get access to a Pikmin type that will allow them to get past this obstacle. Here’s how to open it.

How to open the bamboo gate in Pikmin 3

How to open Pikmin 3 bamboo gate winged Pikmin pink Pikmin

Pikmin 3 Deluxe first started out as a rumor before being officially confirmed as a new Nintendo Switch game, opening up a whole new world of challenges for players to explore whether they’re getting it on the Nintendo Switch or the original version on the Wii U eShop. One of the challenges a player has to overcome in the game is getting past certain gates. The “sand” gate, for example, requires that players simply send their Pikmin to attack it. Other gates — such as the glass gate and electric gate — require that the player use a specific Pikmin color to get past them. The Pikmin 3 bamboo gate also requires a specific Pikmin, but the solution isn’t as obvious to people new to the game.

To open the bamboo gate, the player will need at least 10 Pink Pikmin (also known as Winged Pikmin) in their Squad. Once players have these Pikmin in their squad, they can head to the gate and throw the Pink Pikmin at the gate. The Pink Pikmin will lift the gate into the air and allow the player to pass underneath it.

The Pikmin 3 bamboo gate is a little different than other gates in the game. Most gates will stay permanently open once the player destroys them, but a player can’t actually destroy a bamboo gate; rather, the Pink Pikmin have to hold it open. The player must open the gate, past through it, and then recall their Pikmin; a player cannot get past the bamboo gate without Pink Pikmin.

Where do I find Pink Pikmin in Pikmin 3?

Where to find Blue Pikmin in Pikmin 3 winged Pikmin Pink Onion

Opening the Pikmin 3 bamboo gate requires the player to find Pink Pikmin (a.k.a. Winged Pikmin). Pink Pikmin can be found in the Twilight River, the fourth level of the game.

One of the reasons this gate confuses some players is because Pink Pikmin aren’t found until later in the game; they are the fourth of five Pikmin types players can get in Pikmin 3. Thankfully, players can unlock the fourth Pikmin type very easily; simply build a bridge over the river at the start of the Twilight River and defeat a spider. After that, players will permanently have Pink Pikmin available in their Onion.