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Formidable Oak Pikmin 3 Guide | How to beat the golden blob and finish the level

The Formidable Oak Pikmin 3 level is the ultimate challenge that players will have to overcome in the game’s story. This last level is supremely challenging and the Pikmin 3 Golden Blob boss (a.k.a. the Plasma Wraith) is equally tough, but a player can win by being prepared. Here’s how to beat the golden blob boss and how to complete the Formidable Oak level in Pikmin 3.

How to beat the Formidable Oak Pikmin 3 level

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Beating the Formidable Oak Pikmin 3 level is definitely the most challenging part of this new Nintendo Switch game; it’s almost as difficult as opening those pesky bamboo gates. The player is relentlessly pursued by the Golden Blob boss which must be fought three times in total; the second and third fights are especially challenging.

Steps to beat the Formidable Oak Pikmin 3 level

  1. Make sure to prepare for the Formidable Oak Pikmin 3 level.
    • Have at least 100 of each type of Pikmin in reserve. Players can get more Pikmin by visiting earlier levels.
    • Have 5–10 juice saved up before starting. Players can get more juice by recovering fruit in the other levels.
  2. Take 20 of each of Pikmin type in your Squad.
  3. The player has to defeat the Golden Blob for the first time.
    • Throw Red Pikmin at the Golden Blob to attack it.
    • Once it’s defeated, Brittany will take command of a smaller party of Pikmin.
  4. Catch up with Brittany and use your whistle (B) to drop Olimar on the ground and unite the Squad.
    • Throw five Pink Pikmin (a.k.a. Winged Pikmin) at Olimar to carry him; Pink Pikmin move fast and can fly over water.
    • There are many Candypop Buds to allow the player to easily replace lost Pikmin.
  5. The Golden Blob will continually pursue Olimar throughout the entire level until the player reaches the end; it can be tracked on the map. Don’t worry if the Golden Blob captures Olimar; the player can get Olimar back by fighting and defeating it.
  6. Start running down the tunnel, fighting and defeating enemies along the way.
  7. The first of many sand gates will block the player’s path; make the Pikmin charge (X) at the gate to quickly smash it down. Players will encounter crystal gates/glass gates later in the level; the player should destroy any gate they encounter.
  8. Continue along the path until a dirt pile is discovered. Dig it up with Pikmin to retrieve three bombs. Use the bombs to destroy a Concrete Wall and keep moving.
  9. Later sections will require the player to build bridges with any Pikmin and activate lightbulbs with Yellow Pikmin.
    • If a player is having trouble building bridges due to Pikmin being killed, split off one of the heroes with all of the remaining Pink or Blue Pikmin and station them next to the bridge pieces.
    • Defeat the Golden Blob to disable it.
    • Immediately use the Pink or Blue Pikmin to build the bridge.
  10. After the final lightbulb is lit in the last cave, head to the North, go over the flower bridges, and exit the level; the Golden Blob boss fight begins in the next room.

What happens if the Golden Blob takes Olimar?

Once the Golden Blob is defeated for the first time in the Formidable Oak Pikmin 3 level, it will regenerate and chase after Olimar. If the Golden Blob touches Olimar, it kills any nearby Pikmin and absorbs Olimar; it then heads towards the start of the level. The player must attack and defeat the Golden Blob to get it to drop Olimar.

The Golden Blob will begin to regenerate health. Once it’s fully healed, it will begin to pursue Olimar again and attempt to capture him. Subsequent battles may see it activate one of five phases, each of which require the player to use a specific Pikmin:

  • Glass cube/crystal cube – throw Rock Pikmin at it
  • Flaming pile – throw Red Pikmin at it
  • Lightning orb – throw Yellow Pikmin at it
  • Water orb – throw Blue Pikmin at it

Can you abandon Olimar and leave him behind?

No, you can not simply leave Olimar behind. You can’t enter the tunnels without picking him up. If you leave him on the ground, the Golden Blob will absorb Olimar and head towards the beginning of the level. If it escapes, the day will automatically end and consume a juice, forcing the player to start over.

How to beat the Pikmin 3 Golden Blob boss

Formidable Oak Pikmin 3 Guide Plasma Wraith Golden Blob Boss Fight

The Golden Blob boss (a.k.a. the Plasma Wraith) is undoubtedly the most challenging boss fight in the game. It can be defeated — but only if the player makes good use of all five Pikmin types.

Steps to beat the Pikmin 3 Golden Blob Boss

  1. The player should have 20 of each Pikmin in their squad.
  2. Throw Rock Pikmin at the Golden Blob to hurt it. The Golden Blob will drop sludge on the ground.
  3. The Golden Blob will form this sludge into various hazards. Attack the hazards with the correct Pikmin to further reduce the Golden Blob’s health.
    • Glass cube / crystal cube – throw Rock Pikmin at it
    • Flaming pile – throw Red Pikmin at it
    • Lightning orb – throw Yellow Pikmin at it
    • Water orb – throw Blue Pikmin at it
  4. When the Golden Blob’s health is low, it will fly into the air; make the Pink Pikmin charge (X) to attack it.
  5. Continue to attack the main blob with Rock Pikmin and the cubes/orbs with the correct Pikmin until the boss is dead.
    • If the player loses too many Pikmin, they can retreat to the ship or leave the level to get more.