FIFA Mobile 21 ‘Network Required’ error fix for iOS and Android

FIFA Mobile 21, the new season of EA Sports’ mobile soccer game, just launched for iOS and Android. Some football fans are having trouble playing the beautiful game on their smartphones and tablets, however. A message stating that users “must connect to the internet to play” is getting in the way of portable kickabouts. For those affected, here’s the FIFA Mobile 21 Network Required error fix.

FIFA Mobile 21 ‘Network Required’ Error | iOS and Android fix

FIFA Mobile 21 Network Required error fix

The FIFA Mobile Network Required error can interrupt gameplay out of the blue. In full, the error message pop-up reads: “NETWORK REQUIRED: You must connect to the internet to play FIFA Mobile. Please connect and try again.” Even when users are playing the game solo, this issue can appear and spoil the fun. So, is there an easy fix?

The FIFA Mobile 21 Network Required error appears when players disconnect from the internet; FIFA Mobile is an online-only application that requires a working Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Re-establishing a dropped internet connection should fix the error, though it’s also possible that server issues could be the cause.

Follow these step if the FIFA Mobile 21 Network Required error screen appears:

FIFA Mobile 21 ‘Network Required’ error fix for Wi-Fi connection

  1. Check that Wi-Fi is enabled and the mobile device is connected to a network.
  2. Reset the Wi-Fi router or modem, then boot up the game and try to connect.
  3. If unsuccessful, try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network.

FIFA Mobile 21 ‘Network Required’ error fix for data connection

  1. Makes sure mobile data is enabled and allowed on the FIFA Mobile app.
  2. Reboot the game and try connecting again.

If the above solutions don’t work, the Network Required FIFA Mobile 21 error message is most likely due to server issues. Check the FIFA Mobile Twitter account for updates on the current FIFA Mobile 21 server status; it’s a good way to stay up to date if and/or when the game goes offline.

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