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Bugsnax | How to catch three Bugsnax for Filbo

Best Answer: To catch the three Bugsnax, you must go to the nearby cave, check behind the rock, and check the grassy field through the gap in the hill.

Bugsnax will present you with an early objective that requires you to catch three for Bugsnax for Filbo, with the ‘More Bugsnax!’ mission being given to you as soon as you meet the deputy mayor. Finding these 3 Bugsnax can be a chore if you don’t know where you’re going, though they’re all located close to the player and aren’t difficult to find.

How to catch three Bugsnax

The three Bugsnax are located near Filbo, so to catch them you do not need to explore the surrounding area too much. You will only need the trap to catch them, while crouching can also help you remain stealthy so as to not scare them away.

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The first Bugsnak is a Strabby who can be found behind the big rock surrounded by water. You can set a trap and hide behind the rock to catch it.

bugsnax catch three bugsnax

The second Bugsnak can be found in the cave behind Filbo. Venture into the cave to find a Rootle, which you can also catch using a trap.

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The third Bugsnak is a little trickier. Walk between the rocks from your starting area to a grassy field, where you will find another Strabby wandering around. Be careful to avoid the Green Lollive hovering above, who will latch onto your trap with its tongue if it circles near it. You can retrieve your trap from the item wheel if it does so. Catch the Strabby using the trap to catch the 3 Bugsnax.

Return to Filbo and you will then be tasked with feeding him the creatures in order to progress to Snakburg. You can then carry on unraveling the mystery of Snaktooth Island with the deputy mayor and the other hungry Grumpuses.