Box art - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

CoD: Black Ops Cold War 2020 Roadmap | New modes, maps, weapons, and more

The launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is right around the corner, and Activision has already detailed its planned post-launch support. As covered in the Black Ops Cold War 2020 roadmap, players can expect to see new modes, maps, weapons, and more added to the game. Here’s all the latest information on upcoming downloadable content (DLC).

Black Ops Cold War 2020 Roadmap | Season One details

Black Ops Cold War 2020 roadmap

CoD: Black Ops Cold War marks the return of a seasonal content structure that series veterans will already be familiar with. The Black Ops Cold War Season One start date is December 10, and that’s when the fun really begins! Activision hasn’t announced an end date just yet, but starting in 2020 fans will be able to get their hand on exciting free content.

Nuketown ’84 map

The Black Ops Cold War Nuketown ’84 map release date is November 24. After leaks and speculation on whether or not the iconic multiplayer battleground would return, it’s now official — Nuketown is coming back. It appears that this version will be a little worse for wear, but really, who needs a pristine warzone?

More Maps and New Modes | 2v2 Gunfight returns

More multiplayer maps and modes will be added to Black Ops Cold War during Season One. 2v2 Gunfight from Modern Warfare will make its triumphant return, but Activision hasn’t been forthcoming with specifics beyond that.

The Season One roadmap also promises new Zombies modes, but those haven’t been detailed either. One thing’s for sure, though: The PlayStation-exclusive Zombies Onslaught game type won’t be coming to other platforms.

New weapons

Once again, Activision hasn’t specified what new weapons will be added during Black Ops Cold War Season One. All that’s know for sure is that more weapons (plural) will be available to players free of charge.

‘Classified’ Warzone experience

Like Modern Warfare before it, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War will integrate with CoD: Warzone. This intentionally mysterious “experience” will be unveiled in due course, though will presumably crossover with Black Ops Cold War in some capacity.

In addition to all of the above, Activision promises that there’s “much more” on the way. Stay tuned for updates throughout 2020, as well as coverage of the CoD: Black Ops Cold War 2021 roadmap in the future.

As the new Black Ops game approaches, anyone planning to purchase the PC version can check out the system requirements and anti-cheat situation.