Box art - Super Battle Racers

Super Battle Racers iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

To stay on top of others in the race just don’t get tripped!

Time your jumps so that you don’t get stuck behind obstacles, don’t fall off ledges, and don’t get caught in traps set by other players.

Hitting another player with some kind of a weapon will also increase your star meter.

You have to maximize your star meter to be able to make special move that involves riding an animal.

If you hit the question mark bubbles and you'll earn a weapon or a speed boost.

Once you unlock the weapon shop you can upgrade your weapons and keep in mind the academy will allow you to boost your own skills (speed, acceleration, defense, star power and energy recharge) and the monster shop will allow you to train your current monster/animal and/or unlock new monsters.

The ring shop will let you mold gems into a powerful ring.

The gold vault will allow you to collect gold simply for doing nothing.

Always look around the map for treasure chests for free diamonds (premium currency of the game).

In the IAP store tap the bubble that says “Check out offers for FREE diamonds!” and you can earn diamonds for liking or following GameHive (the developer) on Facebook or Twitter, and you can get one of TapJoy offers for free diamonds.