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Yakuza: Like a Dragon Sub-story list and locations

Sub-stories are one of the Yakuza series‘ hallmarks, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon is no different. There are 52 sub-stories that can be found throughout the game, and players must be observant if they want to finish each one in a single playthrough. Each sub-story is available at different times, so it’s handy to have a list of them to check off as the game progresses.

Fortunately, we’ve got a list of all the sub-stories in Yakuza: Like a Dragon below. It’s spoiler-free, so players can keep an eye on it to make sure they’re not missing out on any before they switch chapters.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon Sub-story List, Chapters, and Locations

Yakuza Like a Dragon Sub-stories list and locations

Each sub-story in Yakuza: Like a Dragon has particular requirements that must be met to start it. This might be as simple as reaching a location during a specific chapter, and others are required as part of the story. Others require the player to complete previous sub-stories to access them. Our checklist shows each sub-story’s name, which chapter it can first be accessed in, and the location where players can find it.

Note: Sub-stories are counted as “Tasks.” Part-time Hero quests and challenges can be found under that heading in the menu once the feature is unlocked.

Sub-story #Sub-story TitleChapter AvailableLocation (Conditions)
1A Can-Do Attitude3S. Sakura River St.
2Who's that Sujimon?4E. Central St. (After first Hello Work visit)
3A Golden Opportunity4S. Sakura River St.
4One Man's Trash4Misaki St.
5A Trip to Pound Town4Ohama St. (After following Nanoha)
6It's the Thought That Counts4S. Sakura River St.
7Baby's Don't Cry4Ohama St. (After spying on Nanoha at Pocket Cafe)
8Old Cinema Paradiso4Ijin St.
9Persimmon Premonition4Bar District (While getting a job at Sunset Castle)
10Fast Times at Ounabara4Breakwater Drive
11Certified Underdog5Ounabara Vocational School (After passing nine exams)
12How to be a Part-Time Hero5Ijin St.
13No Where to Go But Up5Central St. (After Nanoha leaves)
15Ijinsho's Safety Net5Otohimeland Soapland
16The Crawfish Caper5Sunrise Bridge
17A Love Worth Fighting For5S. Sakura River St.
18Home Run Heroism5Bar District (After management training)
19Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble5Romance St. Alleyway
20Table for One7Isezaki Rd. (Wette Kitchen)
21Dumpster of Demise7Near Romance Workshop
22An Act of Kindness7Jinnai Station
23Warmest Wishes9Hyakkei St.
24Fifty Shades of Play7Ohama St.
25A Fading Star7Eomeoni's Vow
26The Masked Murderer9Hyakkei St.
27The Miracle of Spice7W. Tsurukame Highway
28Tour Guide Turmoil9Hamakita Park Ave.
29The Michio Minefield9Chinatown
30Faux-no Michio9Chinatown (After substory #29)
31Like Father, Like Son9Chinatown
32Forget Me Not9Carriage Highway
33The Traffic Census Sensei12Outside Sunset Castle (After Sotenbori)
34Bros Til the End9Hamakita Park
35Preparing to Suck9Sesil Cafe
36Whispers of the Underworld9Survive Bar
37Ringleader Round-up: Bear Blues10Hamakita Park
38Ringleader Round-up: Tiger Takeover10Hamakita Park (After substory #37)
39Ringleader Round-up: Chimp Calamity10Hamakita Park (After substory #38)
40Dragon Cart4Hamakita Park
41Two-Headed Bomb4After winning the Cerebus Cup
42The Rocket Girls4After winning the Pegasus Cup
43The Data Drifter4After winning the Phoenix Cup
44Biker Blitz4After vs. Suguru Rival Race
49Certified Love4Ounabara Vocational School (After passing all certifications, max romance with Miyakoshi)