Terra Battle Class Guide

Class Guide

Primary Classes

Terra Battle features four primary classes, three of which function in a simple rock-paper-scissors format. The four classes are:
  • Bow: Beats spear
  • Spear: Beats sword
  • Sword: Beats bow
  • Staff: N/A

The fourth class, staff, doesn't have any kind of inherent advantage against the other three classes, but it does often include a secondary class and specializes in more skills.

Secondary Classes

The staff class often has a secondary class, but all primary classes can have one depending on the character/unit. Once again, there is a strength/weakness dynamic at play depending on the particular element. The secondary classes are:

  • Fire: Strong against ice
  • Ice: Strong against fire
  • Lightning: Strong against darkness
  • Darkness: Strong against lightning
  • Healing: N/A
  • Remedy: N/A

The latter two classes are merely support classes, so they don't have any kind of strengths/weaknesses. Healing is self explanatory, while the Remedy class focuses on curing status ailments such as poison. It can also boost resistances to hazards.

Class Rarity

The main characters in Terra Battle all have class rarities, which range from B to SS. Rarer classes often tout better abilities and skills, which makes them a hot commodity. Most adventurers are recruited in either the Pact of Truth (requires 5 Energy) or Pact of Fellowship. A full list of characters and their rarities can be found here and here.

Squads and Classes

Squads in Terra Battle can have up to six party members, and the best way to ensure victory is to mix and match different classes together across those six party members. Make sure you have at least one of each primary class, and consider doubling down on the staff class.

Also pay attention to the secondary classes when creating your squad(s). You want to be sure numerous elements are represented. But the most important tip for squad creation: include a healer in your squad. It's the only way to regain health and it's very important, especially in the early portions of the game.

Also, feel free to experiment a bit. Terra Battle allows players to create up to six squads, so you can create multiple squads for specific situations/quests.