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Bugsnax | How to catch a Sweetiefly

Bugsnax will require you to catch a Sweetiefly if you wish to fill up your Bugsnak catalog, with the flying creature being available to catch early on in locations including Garden Grove and Simmering Springs. Variations include the Lovely Sweetiefly and the Crystal Sweetiefly. Here’s how to locate and catch the Sweetiefly in Bugsnax:

How to catch Sweetiefly in Bugsnax

bugsnax how to catch a sweetiefly

To catch Sweetiefly in Bugsnax, players will need the standard trap to catch it when it rests. The Sweetiefly will follow a short aerial path that players can scan and observe,  though it will frequently rest and fly away from this dotted path.

The Sweetiefly isn’t the most difficult creature to catch in Bugsnax, though with it being a flying Bugsnak, it can be tricky to figure out to locate where it can be caught. The Sweetiefly description indicates how to catch it:

“It zips around fast enough to evade traps, but eventually sets down to rest.”

In order to catch the Sweetiefly, you must note where it is resting. For instance, in the Simmering Springs, the Lovely Sweetiefly rests in a pool of water located inside a bunch of stacked rocks. The trap must be placed on this resting location, in the spot where the Bugsnak lands.

After placing the trap, you must move to a location where you can still activate it, though your presence will not alert the Sweetiefly. You can crouch to make you less visible to the Bugsnak.

When the Sweetiefly eventually flies away from its dotted aerial path and flies down to rest, it will enter into a sleep state. This is when you can catch it. Activate the trap using R2/RT/left-click when its perimeter is blue, signifying that the Sweetiefly is located inside its grasp. After activation, you will be alerted that the Sweetiefly is now in your inventory and you have caught it.