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Bugsnax | How to catch Shishkabug and Tropicabug

The Bugsnax Shishkabug and Tropicabug can be found in Garden Grove and Simmering Springs, with the spider-like Bugsnak and its variations being particularly prone to fearfully hiding from the player. These Bugsnax can be difficult to locate and catch because they won’t come out of hiding once spooked, though there are ways around it.

How to catch Shishkabug in Bugsnax

catch shishkabug

The Shishkabug can be caught by luring it to a Snak Trap while remaining in cover. Here’s how to catch it:

  1. Scan the Shishkabug.
    • The Shishkabug’s walk pattern will be identified after scanning.
  2. Set down a Snak Trap nearby.
    • Place the Snak Trap near the Shishkabug’s walk pattern, though not on top of it or else it will go into hiding.
  3. Fire hot sauce at the Trap.
    • The Shishkabug loves hot sauce. Firing it at the trap will lure the bug to it.
  4. Activate the Snak Trap.
    • Activating the Snak Trap will close the Shishkabug inside.

Alternatively, if you do not have access to Hot Sauce, you can force the Shishkabug into hiding, then place the Snak Trap in the center of its walk path. Then, fire ketchup at the bush it is hiding in to attract a nearby Bunger. The Bunger will force the Shishkabug out of the bush and back to its walk path, where you’ll be able to activate the Snak Trap and catch it.

How to catch Tropicabug in Bugsnax

catch tropicabug

The Tropicabug can be caught by using Hot Sauce to convince it to walk into your Snak Trap. Here’s how to catch it:

  1. Scan the Tropicabug.
    • You’ll be able to see the Tropicabug’s walk pattern after scanning it.
  2. Set your Snak Trap.
    1. The Snak Trap should be placed nearby, though at a reasonable enough distance from the Tropicabug so as not to scare.
  3. Slingshot Hot Sauce at the Trap.
    • Use your Sauce Slinger to fire Hot Sauce at the trap.
  4. Activate the Snak Trap.
    • One the Tropicabug is inside the Snak Trap, you can activate it to catch the Tropicabug.

After performing the above steps, you will be able to catch both the Shishkabug and Tropicabug in Bugsnax. Check out GameRevolution’s review of Bugsnax, where we called it a “short, sweet, and strange” PS5 launch game.