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Bugsnax | How to make it rain

Knowing how to make it rain in Bugsnax will help players find certain Bugsnak creatures who only appear when it is raining. Rain isn’t very common in Young Horses’ PS4, PS5, and PC game, though there is a way of forcing the game to make it rain. Here’s the lowdown on how to make it start raining in Bugsnax.

Bugsnax rain | How to make it start raining

BUGSNAX how to make it start raining

Raining in Bugsnax not only changes the atmosphere of the game, but it is also the only weather where certain Bugsnax such will appear. To make it rain, players need to force a change of day, which can also force a change in weather.

How to make it rain in Bugsnax

  1. Sleep in a bed until noon.
    • Rain will only appear on certain days, so sleeping will reset the day.
  2. Check the weather.
    • Look outside of where the bed is located to check if the weather has changed from sunny to rainy.
  3. Repeat until it rains.
    • There’s no need to wait around, as you can keep sleeping until noon until it starts raining.

Resetting the day by frequently sleeping until noon will eventually cause it to rain. While this can be a tedious process, it’s the only way to ensure that it starts raining in Bugsnax, which will also allow you to catch certain creatures such as the Caramel Poptick.

Where to find a bed to make it rain

Beds can be found throughout the Bugsnax world. The first can be found in Beffica’s cave, though plenty more can also be found in Snakburg. Any bed can be slept in, so all you need to do is find a place to reset to change the time of day and increase the odds of it raining. If it is not raining when you wake up, sleep in a bed again until it is raining.