Box art - Marble Duel

Marble Duel iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Unlike  Zuma and Luxor, Marble Duel is a slower paced and requires you to plan your moves carefully.

You can see balls and switch between them that you are shooting to further help your strategy. Have this in mind when going for a specific strategy

Keep in mind different colors have different effects on the board.

Also, you can also see both of them and decide what matches to make based on that.

To sabotage your opponent break sets of two balls when you have no match to make.

Upgrades you'll need: Red Balls (for extra damage, probably the most important thing), Blue Balls (to increase your shield and dodge as much damage as possible), Green Balls (for helth).

Create more combos since the more matches you make, the more moves you will get.

If you’re on full health, it might not be a good idea to go for a five marble set of green balls: fewer red or blue ones might be just better.

Great strategy is to work on building up your side first, then sabotage your enemy with the extra balls

Always keep your eye on the opponents shield and go for a weak attack if the opponent has it maxed out.