Xbox Live | We were unable to sign you in error fix

Today’s the launch of the Xbox Series X, so it’s no surprise that the rush of new users is causing Xbox Live sign in issues. Players are getting the message, “We’re unable to sign you into Xbox Live,” and many can’t sign into Xbox on any platform. Even those on PC are having issues with a message stating, “Oops – something went wrong. This service isn’t available at the moment, please try again later.”

Is there a fix for Xbox sign-in issues?

Xbox not signing in error messages

If a player is experiencing issues with Xbox not signing in, there can be many causes. However, in this case, the problem lies totally with Microsoft. The rush of new Xbox Series X|S owners are overloading the Xbox Live servers, and the only fix is to wait the problem out.

The Xbox Support account has confirmed issues with Xbox Live sign-ins across PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S and are working on a fix. For now, players must wait for Microsoft to handle the problem. To keep tabs on the Xbox Live server status, players can check the official support Twitter and the Xbox Live Status page.

Microsoft is usually reasonably quick about handling this type of issue, so players likely won’t have to wait too long for functionality to be restored. However, those who want to play Destiny 2 may run into other trouble, even after Xbox Live is back online.

How to fix Xbox Live ‘we were unable to sign you in’ error

For those who are still having issues after Xbox sign-in is fixed, there are a few general troubleshooting steps one can follow:

  • Reboot router and modem.
  • Restart PC or Xbox console.
  • Ensure a firewall isn’t blocking the connection to Microsoft.

If, after performing those steps, an issue is still occurring, the problem may still be on Microsoft’s end. Sometimes outages can be regional, and it may just take a bit longer for Xbox Live to come back online. Additionally, online functionality may be offline for specific games (namely Destiny 2), even after the Xbox sign-in issues pass.