Box art - Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals

Battle of Heroes: Land of Immortals iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Playing multiplayer helps your heroes level up faster, you'll get classified to a league and you'll can find Fire Gems.

Use walls to protect your buildings, army and resources from attacks.

To maximize their effectiveness, assign range units to defend your village from the top of walls.

Use Towers to connect up to 4 walls. Towers can also have defensive units assigned.

Gates are similar to wall. but the units inside your village protecting buildings can also use them to go outside and fight enemies.

Use elite archers in outpost shoot deadly arrows at enemies, with several choices of ammo to select.

Brew potions here to heal your heroes and recover their mana.

The altar is the house of the heroes. The active hero will be the one that joins you in battle and defends your city. The defending hero stars the battle with only 40% of his total health. The first 3 times they respawn, they lose an extra 10% further respawns will not cause any extra health loss.