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Destiny 2 | How to fix Anteater error code

It’s a bad day when Destiny 2 servers are down. Not only can you not jump into the game, you may get hit with issues like error code anteater. The anteater error is the result of network problems, either in-house or online. As such, figuring out how to fix error code anteater takes a bit of guesswork.

How to fix Destiny 2 error code anteater

How to fix Destiny 2 error code anteater

Error code anteater appears alongside general network connectivity problems. These include packet loss, Wi-Fi issues, or difficulties with your network hardware or internet service provider. It also appears when Destiny 2 servers go offline or certain activities are disabled.

Because it has so many causes, there’s no clear way to fix this error code. However, there are several different ways to troubleshoot it.

Here’s what you can do to fix the anteater error code:

  1. Make sure that your internet connection is working. This should be as simple as checking to see that your PC or console can connect online as intended
    • If it’s not working, verify the status of your internet connection with your ISP
  2. Power cycle your PC or gaming console
  3. Restart your internet router or modem
  4. If possible, connect to your router or modem using a wired ethernet connection
  5. Try some of the network troubleshooting tips on the Bungie support website

Of course, it’s possible that error code anteater has appeared because of problems with Destiny 2 servers. When this happens, you’ll typically find a service alert posted at the Bungie server status website. If certain services are down, you won’t be able to connect, which is why you’re seeing this code to begin with. Alternatively, if certain activities are offline, you may also encounter error code honeydew.

If Destiny 2 game servers or activities are offline, you’ll need to wait things out. Otherwise, you can fix error code anteater by working through network troubleshooting and diagnostics. You basically need to make sure that your modem, router, console, or PC is working as expected.